Lisa Wong

  • Absolutely amazing experience with Lisa! Lisa Is one of my good friends so I looked to her for guidance on interest in buying our first home. Buying your first home is such an exciting and yet nerve wracking experience. I never knew why they said that moving and house buying can be one of the most stressful times of your life until I started the process of loan pre approval. Lisa made the process so smooth and painless. She was not only knowledgeable but you will not find another Realtor as prompt and responsive as she is! I never had to be left waiting for a response for my endless questions and she made the house buying terms clear and easy to understand. She gave me endless support through my panic and I trust her so much. She even helped push the loan process along due to a loan officer that definitely was not up to my standard. Lisa went out of her way to show us every home we had interest in and was honest about concerns in certain houses, which new home buyers might miss as novice buyers. Lisa will forever have a place in our hearts as she helped us find and GET our first dream home! I am forever grateful for her help and her dedicated work to ensure that I got the house I had been dreaming of. You won’t go wrong when making Lisa apart of your home buying team.

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